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Busines Advisory

Business Advisory

We want to help your business to succeed. Whether you are a start-up or established presence, our business advisory services will optimise your company’s performance and help your enterprise grow.

We can take care of the basics like bookkeeping, payroll, GST and other reporting. whilst you concentrate on your business and by working together helping it grow.

Business Start Up

Starting a business is an exciting challenge. It is fantastically rewarding to turn your vision into reality and make money working in an area you are passionate about.

However, starting a business is about much more than having a great idea. There are legal, financial and regulatory considerations to take into account. We will help you navigate these requirements and offer the support needed for your start-up to grow into a successful enterprise.

We will talk to you about your business idea and offer a practical, constructive appraisal of its strengths and weaknesses. We can help you find the most suitable structure for your business (e.g. sole trader, partnership, or company), prepare a business plan, set up an effective relationship with your bank, complete the required registration processes and where necessary handle company secretarial issues.

Business Planning

To keep a business running takes a lot of work. With the constant demands on their time and attention it’s no wonder business owners sometimes forget to step back and think about which direction they are heading in. Taking the time to discuss your aims with an expert can make all the difference.

Our business planning service will assist you in defining and then realising your goals. We work with you to develop a strategic plan which will keep you focused on your objectives and give you confidence that your day-to-day activities are helping you get to where you want to go.

Our advisors have years of experience guiding companies from a variety of sectors.

Please contact us for an initial discussion and find out how our knowledge can help you achieve your future goals.

Corporate Finance

Companies of every size require finance to meet their goals and grow. We can help you secure adequate and well structured finance for your projects to meet your growth plans.

Our advisors understand the importance and also the risks of raising finance. We will assess the viability of your projects and discuss the most appropriate source of finance for your situation. We can help you to draw up plans for presentation to potential lenders with all the necessary company and project information.

We can help with special finance requirements for business expansion, mergers and acquisitions and Management Buy Outs.

We have in house expertise in preparing business plans and finance applications and identifying and approaching appropriate lending sources for different lending with different lending criteria and with different lenders.

Please Contact Us for more details.